At Infinitee Salon & Spa, we believe all employees should have the opportunity to advance their careers to the best of their abilities. So we provide multiple ways for our stylists to move up within the company.

Stylists energized by the day-to-day operations in the salons have opportunities to become assistant managers, managers, and general managers. Those with a love of the creative flair might be interested in becoming a trainer. Those with an interest in the business end of things may want to work toward a corporate job.

Either way, if you have an interest in working and doing things right, Infinitee Hair Studio has an interest in you.


As long as people have hair, there will be a need for hairstylists which is one very important reason that cosmetology is such a steady and growing business.

If you enjoy working with people, if you are friendly, energetic, and willing to learn, the field of cosmetology is full of excellent opportunities and one of the best opportunities is with Infinitee Hair Studio.

To learn more about careers in cosmetology, simply contact a cosmetology school in your area or stop by a nearby Infinitee Salon & Spa.

Advanced Training

Infinitee Salon & Spa training system is a three-day advanced customer service and technical training program. All employees attend this program to learn the Infinitee Hair Studio system, as well as the technical and personal skills necessary to succeed.

The Training Program is augmented by the certification and development process, in which stylists must demonstrate the ability to apply the methods and techniques learned at the Training Program. This process is focused on the continual development of our stylists.

Finally, advanced technical workshops provide all stylists with the opportunity to keep learning advanced skills from some of the finest instructors in the business.

Intern/Apprenticeship Program

Infinitee Salon & Spa does offer it's own apprenticeship program that coincides with state board procedures. Graduates from the Infinitee Salon & Spa have a 90% rate of job placement within our facility and get first hand and hands on experience from our in-house educator and friendly staff. The apprentices in the program follow a program curriculum that is sure to put you on a successful career. The Infinitee Salon & Spa has two programs developed for hairstylists and nail technicians that have been approved by the State Board of Cosmetology. To inquire about space availability in our program call our salon our visit our Contact page

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