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Scaly Disorders

Scaly scalps are the single most common scalp complaint. It is a non-contagious stress-oriented condition, generally brought about by external pressures and internal disturbances.

Scaly disorders can be many things – from common dandruff to psoriasis to neurodermatitis. When you have a persistent scalp problem, it’s advisable to consult a Trichologist. They can collect scale samples from the scalp, to view under microscope to determine the correct scaly disorder.

Recent research indicates that scaly disorders are formed when a chemical reaction occurs within the body causing the normally unnoticed shedding of the scalp skin to be speeded up. The scales, instead of being loose and unnoticeable, cling together. They stick to each other as well as stick to the scale – and you see “scales”.

Normal skin flora are dormant because the skin produces secretions such as sweat and sebum (oil) which combine to form a resistant layer, the acid mantle.

Because of the chemical changes taking place in the body, the normal skin secretions change as well. The weight of evidence suggests this chemical reaction is associated with stress, diet imbalances, and hormonal disturbances. Wrong usage of hair cosmetics further aggravates it. Each of these can cause increased cell turnover as well as increased skin flora. The scalp, because it has more numerous sebaceous (oil) glands and because it also has hair on it to give warmth (heat facilitates any chemical reaction) is affected most of all.


An itch is a stimulus that produces the urge to scratch. Dry skin, heat, humidity, perspiration, temperature change, and anxiety may cause the itching sensation.


The word dermatitis means inflammation of the skin.


Folliculitis is a superficial infection of hair follicles caused by bacteria or fungus characterized by small, white-headed pimples.


Treatment of the aforementioned scalp disorders might consist of high frequency ultraviolet, topical treatments, dietary control, intake of Vitamin A, and reducing stress in one’s life.

Therapeutic Scalp Treatment

Your scalp, which usually gets the least amount of attention in your beauty regimen, is often abused by the products you use, not to mention the environment which dumps on it daily. A clean, well functioning scalp which is absolutely essential for healthy hair, is not always possible from many conventional shampoos. That’s why we stress the importance of a therapeutic scalp treatment which consists of the following:

Coal tar ad salicylic acid treat your scalp to relive bacteria, yeast, dryness, adult cradle cap, and flakiness and itching.

Humectants help to restore a healthy scalp, moisture balance, and maintain it through varying humidifies, relieving scalp tightness and tensions.

Vitamins, proteins, and amino acids help nourish and activate the hair follicle to produce better, stronger hair. We specialize in black hair care at Infinittee Salon & Spa.

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