Exclusive Treatments

Hair Glaze

A treatment designed to give the hair body, a shine that is unbelievable to the eyes, and a coating to the hair shaft that will protect the hair.

Corrective RX

This is an Infinitee Exclusive Relaxer System that is recommended for first time clients that have excessive damage from improper relaxer applications or that have been receiving no-lye relaxers.

Hair Realignment

This conditioning system helps to remove hydroxides that are left in the hair shaft and also realign the hair shaft for hair that is damaged beyond belief.

Dry Ends Hair Treatment

This conditioning system is for long hair that always seems to be dry on the ends no mater what conditioner you use. This will soothe your hair ends and moisturize your ends.

All Natural Hair Packs

Some hair will not respond to conditioners and treatments made with artificial ingredients. This is strictly all naturally made right before your eyes. You will experience results that you’ve never felt before!

Hair Polisher/Ionic Moisturizer

This unbelievable treatment is done with a system that involves a deep conditioning from the root to the ends of the hair. Our application is performed strand by strand and embedded into the hair shaft with heat plate. This is one treatment where you will see and feel a hair transformation.

Hair Demineralizer

A system that removes minerals that are left in your hair from water, etc. that coat your hair and cause you to lose your natural shine.

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