Organic 25

This treatment is made with all natural product: (eggs, olive oil, ect.) for clients that have very challenging hair problems that will not respond to conventional treatments.

Hair Glaze 15

This treatment will give your hair a unbelievable shine, body and coat your hair shaft to protect your hair (perfect with relaxers)

Demineralizing 5

A treatment system that removes mineral deposits such as calcium and magnesium which makes the hair lack luster, brittle and unruly. This treatment is a MUST and takes

deposits away from hair that took your (recommended once a month)

Custom Blended 20

This is a master piece, this is a five star treatment because it is blended just for your hair texture, type and condition. (recommended every two weeks after your relaxer) then its followed by a sealer to keep your ends from splitting

Reconstructor 15

This treatment will strengthen your hair to give it more elasticity & stop breakage immediately.

Dry Itchy Scalp 15

This system soothes itchiness and relieves dryness, eliminates flakiness, dehydrates and rebuilds.

Ionic Moisturizer 50

This treatment actually infuses real silk lipids right into your hair shaft. Done exclusively by Infinitee from the hair root to the ends, strand by strand, immediately adds 40% shine, moister, strength, and body.

Thinning Hair 30

This system is designed for women in early stages of thinning this will correct scalp disorders, strengthens hair follicles promote thicker fuller hair stimulate circulation, reduce hair lost at scalp, exfoliates and strengthens hair follicles.

Severe Thinning 75

This is for clients that are experiencing severe thinning. Treatment requires a urine and salvia analysis along with microscopic scalp examination by a certified tricholgist.

Consultation 35

Hair Realignment 20

This conditioning system helps remove hydroxides that are left in the hair shaft. This system also realigns the hair shaft for hair that is damaged beyond belief. * This treatment is for severely damaged hair.

Dry End Treatment 10

This system is for long hair that always seems to be dry on the ends. No matter what conditioner you use. This treatment will soothe and moisturize your ends.

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